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How Our Virtual Business Is Organised

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Our virtual tutors are a mix of brilliant teachers, educators, presenters, practitioners and effective leaders and managers selected from leading educators and past and present clients.

Our very flexible fractal structure has allowed Pentacle to take on a range of very different projects from building virtual reality simulations; to running residential and non-residential courses across Europe; to publishing books and articles; to building electronic coaching software and performance enhancement tools (PentaclePETsTM); to carrying out marketing activities such as mailings and  advertising campaigns; to major organisational design and implementation consultancy; to research and development of questionnaires; to operating webservers; to managing Burke Lodge UK,; to building contact databases; to developing this webspace.

Virtual Tutors have included:

Andy Lees   Caroline Allen    Bob Apollo   Chris Bones   Kevin Parker   Clive Hook    Clive Panto   David Deakin    Tim Smit  Rosie Miller   Dennis Sartain    Todd Jick   Lucy Kellaway     Estelle Bowman   Fran Semelonis    Freiderich Vongadow   Scott Bell    Geoff Hall    Jacues Racloz    Keith Still   Jan Stiles     Julie Grey   Christine Ray   Keith Ruffle      Kevin Baughan   Martin Powell   Khalid Aziz Martin Shaw   Megan Whittingham   Miles Flint   Pete Floyd   Richard Holroyd    Simon Guliford   Steve Whatmore      Susanne Schulz    David Gilbert   Tony Teague   Andy Broooks    Eddie Maguire   Hans Le Fever    Denis Rieu  Cathy Iacobo   John Warburton   Wim Reimens   Willem van Waesberghe   Diane Jones   Ian Moore    Kevin Parker   Steven Lee   Geoff Burch Paul Bennett   Luc Volatier   Steve How Quentin Smith  and many more...

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