You know the character of a person by the company they keep

And we’ve been very fortunate to keep the very best company.  Over the past 20 years Pentacle has worked with most of the FTSE100 businesses as well as with key not-for-profit organisations such as the BBC and UK NHS.  We have also worked with some of the world’s most amazing smaller businesses such as IDEO.

Our clients supply the challenge or problem and the people who will execute. We supply our understanding of our fast-changing, complex, ambiguous new world, our fabulous tutors and our extensive toolkit and together in partnership we resolve the challenges.

“Any big project is always frightening at the beginning, and for my team it was no exception. Trying to change a big part of the BBC’s output would have been far, far harder without Pentacle’s help.”  BBC

Our Customers tell us their needs and trust us to deliver bespoke learning to match.  Together we Learn to Transform

“Ten years after first working with Eddie we still use ‘BubbleDiagrams’ and ‘StickySteps’!” British Energy

How we work with you

We call  our five phases;  Embed, Diagnose, Design, Implement and Embed – Learning2Transform FwdButtonNormal[1]

Pentacle is inside the industries and sectors below-

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