TOOLKITIf all you have is a hammer, then surely, everything must be a nail?

Pentacle’s tool kit for our complex world is pretty comprehensive and contains both hard and soft elements:

I found the tools/techniques/suggested behaviours, practical, applicable, relevant, useful,

easy to use, easy to explain to others.  Lexmark


  • In an increasingly digitised world the skills to know how to behave in boot real and virtual situations is a key set of methods we have developed.   From the leadership behaviours you need to influence a globally dispersed team across cultures to the personal 1:1 behaviours you need to inspire and engage.

Emotions and Culture

  •  Methods for emotional resilience and a supportive culture are crucial.  You may have come across; ‘Go Slow to Go Fast’ as a way of allowing learning to lead action.   ‘Smart Failure’ as a way of enabling experimentation, encouraging creativity and ensuring innovation, ‘SpinCasting’ for full involvement of all participants

Actions and Execution

  • We have created hundreds of Performance Enhancement Tools (referred to as PETs)  designed to help us tackle almost all leadership and management situations.  you may have heard of some of the more famous award winning ones such as ‘Hopes&Fears’ for aligning people fast, ‘StickySteps’ for creating concrete plans in uncertain situations and ‘GapLeap’ the amazing method for creating a business case in less than 15 minutes.

Thinking and Collaboration:

  • We can call on the content of ten books by Eddie Obeng on how to thrive in our fast-changing, complex and ambiguous new world

‘Eddie Obeng has not only produced the most original thinking around Change Management since the invention of the Gantt Chart but, having applied it to more than a hundred business projects, I can confirm that it really works in practice!’  Santander

  • The World After Midnight (WAM) concepts and frameworks provide us with a common language


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